Meet the team

Indy Rose is a joint venture between two flower loving friends, Jo and Lauren, who are lucky enough to work alongside a creative bunch of amazing humans. We share a love of flowers and all things beautiful! 

We have the best work family going around, who we are lucky enough to call our friends. This is us...


Jo is the glue that holds the rest of the team together. She is kind, has amazing style and knows everybody! With a background in interior design, she has a discerning eye and is a brilliant, systematic organiser and wonderful communicator. Everyday she will make a cup of tea and microwave it three times but never actually drink it. Jo is passionate and happy-go-lucky, she is the nurturing calm in our storm! She always has great hair and can often be found rocking out to 80’s music in the shop.


You will find Lauren in store 99.99% of our opening hours! She is super creative, extremely humble and always fast to act. Being the most knowledgeable amongst us when it comes to flowers, plants and pop culture…you name it she knows it. If on the odd occasion Lauren doesn’t know the answer to a question she will make it her business to find out! Loz is chronic over sharer and is easily distracted. She loves colour and lives for a challenge; taking a client’s vision and seeing it through to execution brings her great satisfaction.


Our Emily, as well as being a superstar florist, is a talented artist so be sure to look her up (@emilykate_creative) and check out her work. Em has a knack for always looking good in photos. She is a lover of making all the fine and fiddly things such as wrist corsages and flower crowns! She love raspberries, pies and ranunculus! Emily is a kind, gentle and calming soul, she is always ready to learn and grow as a florist and she can be found in store tolerating Loz and Jo’s (brilliant) dancing, singing and stupid voices.


Ruby discovered her love of floristry at the early age of 14 doing work experience and never looked back! She has a deep love of music and can always be seen rocking a cool hat with a pair of converse.. When Ruby's not hanging out with us at work, you will find her at one with Nature- Walking through forests, hiking, wandering along the beach with her dog Rosie! We're yet to see Ruby with the same coffee order twice in a row but we always know when someone tells a great joke, Ruby will bust out a snort-laugh!


Beck is our ray of sunshine! She has the voice of an angel but swears like a sailor. She is always positive, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Beck cares deeply and is a lover of the people. Beck is proudly powered by Redbull- it gives her wings! She is brilliant at everything but doesn’t back herself at all. She is fun, loves a laugh and is an absolute curly haired joy!


Amelia is our quiet achiever and unlike the rest of us she ‘enjoys’ going for runs. She loves peonies and hydrangea and the craziness of motherhood. She is compassionate, patient and considerate. Amelia is a chocoholic who can smash a family block in one sitting! Amelia is a master baker and often brings in her delicious treats for us to sample!!


Lola is a fast worker, who is brilliant at processing all of our stock as it enters the store. She’s super clever- currently studying Psychology and loves a list to help her get stuff done! She is calm, kind and is our stand in delivery lady! She is reliable, works numerous jobs, always uses her initiative, and is a determined quiet achiever. She has a smile that lights up the room, adores the beach- always chasing the sun, and loves anything and everything to do with food. She has two dogs which she loves dearly but definitely has a favourite, which we all find quite controversial!


Evie is the youngest member of our team. She could best be described as sassy and cheeky! She’s a brilliant dancer, with the stamina to train 5 nights a week! Evie loves potting up our new plants, feeding and watering them carefully! She also loves to make sure we’re all keeping on task. Evie is a champion vase washer and constantly keeps us entertained. She may be small but this kid is bossy or should we say a leader...she is a bubble tea consumer and brings us all loads of joy. You will hear her out the back saying, ‘Yass Queen!’


Pops is our Chief Overall Wearer! She rocks a super cute fringe and is wise beyond her years. She keeps the vases sparkling clean and is our customer service queen. Poppy can’t take a compliment so please be sure to give her one! She is our local social justice adviser and always has a story to tell. She treats her expensive water bottle like a first born child! Pops keeps the shop swept, organised and clean. She loves nothing more than fresh flowers in her room and cooking for her family and friends.